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Highstage provides a state-of-art management system

for creating top performing winning companies in the high-tech industry.

How PDM/PLM can help

We know the problem managing products in a fast-paced development enviroment, read more about usual problems manageing product developement and how PDM/PLM system can help.

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The Highstage Solution

Get a better view of product structures. Highstage PDM/PLM enables controlled development and efficient management of complex products and systems.

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Gain full control over product your livecycles, with full revision management and the Highstage Stage Gate model.

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Highstage is a Management system,

Our mission is to enhance product development

by making it simple, logic and straightforward


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“Our Customer’s Success is Our Success”

Built by developers for developers

Emerges from 20+ years industrial experience

Short implementation time
High user acceptance throughout the company
Very good return on investment

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